5 Reasons Why Quill Is The Perfect Gift For Your Child

5 Reasons Why Quill Is The Perfect Gift For Your Child

There are a slew of tech products especially for kids today. When it comes to children's development, technology has become an essential part. Quill intends to give children with an environment that enhances their creative senses while taking care of the inadequacies that technology comes innately with.

Published on:
June 21, 2022

Children growing up in today's world have access to an unimaginable volume of content. The availability of technology has had a significant influence on both their academic performance and their capacity to learn.

There's no denying that children's growth and development are aided by social connection.

Parents are consistently on the lookout for useful presents that they can give their children that will not only satiate their children's need for pleasure but also aid in the child's growth and development in a systematic manner.

Here, we list five major reasons why the search for the perfect gift for your child ends at Quill.

Quill by Tooliqa Inc.

Interaction With The Physical Environment

Quill has the unique ability to pick up colors from the environment that allows children to learn and create on a digital platform while engaging with their physical surroundings.

For the most part, technology is designed to keep youngsters glued to their screens, but Quill has gone one step further by bridging that gap for kids everywhere.

A truly unique feature!

The Quill Bundle

The Quill Bundle is an unrivaled art package that elevates the whole art-making process for artists and kids. It includes three tools that provides a wholesome experience while exploring one's creative side.

Quill: This smart pen is world's first true color picker with over 16 million color picking options. With its ergonomic design and superior features, it is a revolutionary step forward in the world of stylus pens for touch screens.

Qube: This smart speaker/charger is powered by Alexa, which puts it in a category all by itself. It is unrivaled in terms of design, operational efficacy, and the availability of features that inspire creative thinking.

Quill App: A riveting app that provides a user-friendly environment for interacting with colors of your choice as well as 2D and 3D components. It is loaded with features that have the capacity to let your kids explore creativity like never before.

The Quill Bundle

Qnnect : Share And Collaborate

The Quill app(meant for iOS users) is equipped with a function known as "Qnnect." Kids may collaborate on art projects with their peers and members of their own families thanks to this feature.

It makes it easier and more convenient for people to share their own projects with members of their social circle who are interested in such initiatives.

3D Object Library

Amazing works of digital art may be created by combining 2D and 3D elements in Quill 3D object library.

Using the 3D models that are accessible in the 3D object library and spanning 20 different categories, your kid may give his/her artwork a new depth when working in a 3D interface.

Quill aims at redefining digital art

Scheduler For Amalgamating Discipline  

Discipline is an integral part of a child's life from a very early age. It defines certain aspects of their personality as well as their approach in certain situations.

Quill aims at being the complete package for your child's learning. It comes with a personalized assistant and a scheduler that lets you know about your other commitments and priorities.

A complete package for kids!

Quill intends to pave the way for a new creative direction in technology, one that connects children to the best version of themselves that they will become in the future. This is where your kid will begin their journey into the realm of art and creation.

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Press Release: Create With Quill - The World's Smartest Stylus!

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