Press Release: Create With Quill - The World's Smartest Stylus!
Press Release

Press Release: Create With Quill - The World's Smartest Stylus!

Crafted with a vision to add another leap in the direction of creative exploration & cutting-edge technology, Quill is a necessary disruption, which the world needs!

Published on:
May 29, 2022

Meet Quill - True Color Picking Smart Stylus

Meet Quill, World’s Smartest Stylus (Patented by Tooliqa Inc.)

The concept of a color picking pen has existed for more than a decade now after it was introduced by the Korean designer Jin Sun Park. The idea was to use the pen using a color sensor to detect the color on things around you and that data can be subsequently processed to reproduce the color on paper by mixing inks, generally red, green and blue.

Understood to be functioning pretty much in the same way a printer does, this idea generated a lot of interest with attempts being made by multiple entities, only to make a promise whose delivery still has no evidence.

Quill is here to finally deliver the long-awaited color picking function in a stylus to the world!

The idea had a lot of complication ranging from compute, power and availability of other associated technology to make something this powerful and the attempt to reproduce the color on paper instantly by fitting those things in a small device has been a major challenge.

As is the case with many things, timing is everything!

The color picking marvel is finally here!

Quill bears an elegant design with triangular form for comfortable grip & ease of drawing

With the prevalence of digital devices replacing traditional means of communication and expression rapidly, the technology in today’s time is mature enough to deliver the long-awaited marvel. Wilmington based Tooliqa Inc. leveraged it to create Quill, the world’s smartest stylus with color picking ability!

A prominent Color Visualizer on Quill is a smart means to communicate with the user

Quill - From our lab to your hands!

The road to realizing Quill in function and lending it the smartness wasn’t easy given the complex engineering challenge around it and ensuring that there were absolutely no compromises in functional quality.

Quill - product journey and a look on the inside

The consequence of this was the knowledge that one shouldn't restrict picking the color but the replication of it – only on digital medium. This, however, comes as a blessing in disguise given the rise of digital art and NFTs. Given the environmental significance, digital is desirable too!

And that is how, Quill - the world’s smartest stylus with color picking ability, was born. Rooted in inspiration from the beautiful colors of nature, Quill envisions to make the digital drawing and coloring experience as smooth as paper and pencil drawing and take it beyond!

The color picker on quill lets you capture more than 16 million colors!

The Quill 3D App is equally compelling!

To make the drawing and coloring experience truly disruptive, Tooliqa is designing a compelling app (currently designed for iOS) which allows playing with picked colors and 3D elements beyond just 2D in unintuitive interface. Designed around kids, Quill fosters social learning with peers as well by helping them connect with buddies, collaborate to create interesting artwork & share it within their Quill community.

Quill 3D App Built To Experience Color Picking & Digital Art

While the 3D experience in the whiteboard is meant to add anew dimension (quite literally so!) to creative expression and art for its users, the app fosters development of artistic aptitude as well through built-in modules like science of colors.

Create With Quill!

A Snippet of science of colors and 3D elements in the Quill App are shown below.

Science of Colors
3D Object Library
Coloring on 3D Objects
The Quill App has intriguing 3D whiteboard & features to entice creative minds

Meet Qube – Companion to Creativity!

Along with Quill, comes Qube, an elegantly designed device which serves twin functions of being a wireless charger to Quill and an Alexa smart speaker. With schedule assistance &smart features powered by Alexa, It complements quill perfectly to keep the spirit of creativity alive and makes for a beautiful art piece for your desk!

Quill and Qube bear an elegant French design and make for a beautiful desk piece

Bringing this technology package to life was no joke, especially with an elegant French taste added in design. However, after spending years of efforts and multiple rounds of refinement on the project, the Quill team at Tooliqa has succeeded in creating a functional beta prototype of Quill & Qube with the intended design.

Our dream to introduce a novel means to draw and sketch with unique devices which naturally sync with the present times, needs support from people who believe such an offering can truly help foster the spirit of creativity in kids and artists at heart.

The Quill bundle will be shipped to Kickstarter campaign backers in holiday season 2022!

For a creatively brilliant, innovative project like Quill, we has chosen the perfect place to gather more support towards putting this device in the hands of the consumers – Kickstarter!

Planned for a launch over Kickstarter in early June 2022 and scheduled for delivery just before Christmas this year, Quill is going to be the perfect gift for all the kids and artists out there.

Be the first to know about the date and time of Quill's upcoming Kickstarter campaign launch on Quill’s Instagram to grab the early bird rewards!


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Press Release: Create With Quill - The World's Smartest Stylus!
Press Release

Press Release: Create With Quill - The World's Smartest Stylus!

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