Digital Art & Its Color Palette
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Digital Art & Its Color Palette

Digital artists have the advantage of having access to millions of colors at the press of a button. The process of selecting colors was not always simple; it presented challenges for a variety of different reasons that were practical in nature. When it comes to selecting or experimenting with a shade, contemporary artists have an abundance of alternatives at their disposal.

Published on:
June 9, 2022

A Brief History Of Color Palettes

In the long and illustrious history of painting, one of the most significant tools has been the color palette, yet its effect is one of the aspects of art history that has received the least amount of attention.

One of the earliest traces of description of a color palette may be found in the accounts of the Duke of Burgundy, which date back to the late 1460s.

The number of colors available were still limited.

Although color palettes have been around for a significant number of years at this point, it wasn't always as simple to have access to the wide variety of colors that are currently available.

The Digital Color Palette

In the domain of digital art, the term "color palette" can refer to either the complete spectrum of colors that can be viewed on a device screen or some other type of interface, or it can be used to refer to a collection of hues and tools that can be used in art and drawing applications.

A sophisticated color selection tool that allows the user to choose from a wide range of color tones and tints is more likely to be found in contemporary color palettes for digital art and drawings.

Calibration and the use of color profiles in digital drawing apps and software have contributed to an increase in the level of reliability of color representation.

Artists can try numerous combinations with minimal efforts.

Where Does "Quill" Stand in the World Of Digital Art ?

Quill is a true color picking smart stylus that comes with more than 16M colors to choose from. With Quill, the entire world around you becomes your color palette.

A companion for creativity

This high-tech pen features a universal stylus mode, a digital color sensor that is capable of detecting colors in their truest form, and RGB hex codes.

Together with its ability to pick colors from its surroundings, all of these aspects combine to provide an absolutely unique offering for the creation of digital art.

Colors at your fingertips

Even though colors might be difficult and cumbersome to get right in your art, working with Quill will make the process fun and delightful.

This stylus pen for touch screens is superior than a mouse in terms of fluidity. With a more natural layout of the artwork, you'll be able to draw and design with more freedom and ease.

The Quill Bundle will be available soon. Visit our website to place pre-orders and avail early bird savings.


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Press Release: Create With Quill - The World's Smartest Stylus!
Press Release

Press Release: Create With Quill - The World's Smartest Stylus!

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