Q1. Is Quill some sort of magic or fantasy?
Quill looks magical but it's all science, electronics and patented technology for real world creative exploration!

Q2. Is there a physical demo of the product or it is just a concept design?
"We have the patent for Quill & we made our Kickstarter video with Quill's working prototype. Not only that, we have the functioning Qube & the app as well. So, what you see is what you get. This time, it's as real as it gets! You can check the physical demo in our product video here on Youtube as well: https://youtu.be/LTGezotf1ko

Q3. How can I use Quill to pick colors from objects?
You simply have to tap the button on Quill stylus, lock the sensor area completely on the surface so that ambient light does not enter the sensor and in seconds, you see the picked color on Quill's cool color visualizer.

Q4. How does Quill's color picker work?
Quill's color picker has an optical sensor which releases a white light beam hitting the surface of the object from which you are picking the color. All colorful objects reflect their color beam and absorb the rest which the sensor detects to calculate the color value. This color value is shown on Quill's color visualizer and subsequently transferred to Quill app for drawing and coloring when the stylus connects to the Quill app via Bluetooth.

Q5. Can I pick color from the plant at my home?
Yes, you can pick colors from real objects around you which also includes plants at home as long as the surface is opaque. If there is some loss of light from, let's say the leaf, ensure you have blocked it by placing your hand below the leaf and pressing Quill firmly against the surface.

Q6. I like the picking color from real-life objects and things but can I actually save & use the color?
Yes, all your picked colors get saved by default the moment Quill stylus connects to the Quill app and you can build your own custom color library. The color you have picked can be instantly used for drawing & coloring on Quill's Canvas which we call the Whiteboard.

Q7. How many Colors can Quill stylus store?
Quill can store more than 30,000 colors in its flash memory.

Q8. Can I not use Quill for color picking when it's memory of colors is full?
The device will show an indication when the memory would be full. All interpretations of Quill's visual and haptic indications would be part of the instruction manual which comes with the Quill package. However, it is a very unlikely scenario since it can store 30,000+ colors and Quill clears the stylus color memory every time it connects to the Quill app which is hosted on any iOS device which can literally store millions of colors given their storage accessible to our app. Quill is ready to pick again & those transferred colors will always be part of Quill's custom color library for art, created by you from things around you!

Q9. How does Quill transfer colors to the Quill app?
Quill transfers the picked colors every time it connects to the Quill app via Bluetooth. It instantly shows in the app through a notification and the color becomes part of your color library. The most recently picked color appears first on your color library and by default is the color with which you can draw and color on Quill's Whiteboard. The transferred colors will always be part of Quill's custom color library for art, created by you from things around you!

Q10. What if I can't connect my Quill with my iOS device & app and pick hundreds of colors at once? Do I lose them?
No, you would never lose your colors. They all stay with Quill till you connect it to the Quill iOS app. Once you connect, the Quill stylus will transfer the colors in one or multiple batches to the Quill app in a split second and you will have all your colors in your custom color library.

Q11. If I pick more than one color from Quill, which one can I use in the Quill app by default for coloring and drawing?
Your last picked color is the default color which the Quill app would detect and set for use on your 2D/3D drawing whiteboard.

Q12. Can I get the color code of the color I scan to use it afterwards?
Yes, you can get the color code of the scanned color in Color Library feature of Quill app where you can also learn about the Science of Colors.

Q13. I wonder if I can pick color from my device's screen & not an object and then use it in my drawing?
A light-emitting surface can create some interference with the source light of Quill's color picker so, picking from such surfaces isn't advisable.

Q14. Is Quill legit? Haven't such products been promised in the past but never delivered?
"Yes, Quill is legit. Tooliqa holds the patent for this disruptive technology after working steadily for nearly 2 years. We made our product video with Quill's working prototype. We don't claim painting on paper after picking the color as some did in past. Quill only does what is technologically feasible through a form factor of a stylus - digital replication of a color in Quill's unique 2D/3D iOS app built for art. Watch it here: https://youtu.be/G76iUTXC94U. Not only this, our innovation goes beyond to add a bit of elegance to Quill's charging mechanism, again something technically feasible by adding Qube which doubles up as a wireless charger and an Alexa Smart Speaker.Quill's all straight up electronics built with innovation, smartness and passion to boost the creativity in this world.So, what you see is what you get. This time, it's as real as it gets! Our Kickstarter capaign covers the electronics of the product comprehensively along with CAD designs and you can check out our product evolution in this video as well: https://youtu.be/lCvkD0Z-Dpk"

Q15. Can I draw with my friends too on same drawing on Quill iOS app in real-time?
Yes, the Qnnect feature of the Quill app allows you to share your canvas and artwork with your friends and collaborate with them real-time for art activities. Qnnect has a built in chat module as well with your friends for interaction during creation & messaging otherwise to Quill community members.

Q16?. How can I use pictures of real-life things around me in my art, as we see in Quill's video?
We have Qlip in Quill's whiteboard, which lets you take a picture of the thing you wish to use in your artwork from your iOS device, cleans its background and makes it available for you to put in your artwork!

Q17. How can Quill help me improve my art skills?
With Quill app's advanced features like science of colors, you can learn more about how colors can be used to present your art in various ways which can be pleasing. Use of hybrid art by combining 2D and 3D objects gives a new perspective to imagine and make art, which is closer to  the visual perspective we have in real-world.

Q18. Can this product help with my art teaching to students?
The Quill app have advanced features like Science of Colors which foster learning. It is the perfect device for art & creativity which young creative minds can use to hone their art skills.

Q19. Do all components & features you mention in Quill's campaign/website come free with the stylus?
Yes, the Quill bundle includes Quill, Qube, and the Quill app and you will have to pay only once for the package and everything you see comes with it. This special offer is for our backers who are supporting Quill in its debut to the market.

Q20. Is it a professional stylus or just a toy for kids?
The beauty of the Quill bundle is that its advanced features with simple interface makes it a perfect fit for kids as well as artists. For 2D digital art, it has everything a grown up artist would need plus it serves other stylus functions on touch devices.

Q21. Can we use color picking feature in Wacom or other tablets also?
While Quill can pick and store colors in its flash memory, the color picking feature can be used for art only with the Quill iOS app only for now.

Q22. Can I play games with Quill?
Yes, Quill is meant for creativity, exploration, fun and play! You can see a color around you & ask your friend to pick the color by finding an object around you! Quill's color visualizer also functions as a timer which you can use in your own creative way. With Quill, possibilities are limitless as is your imagination, so go have some fun with it

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